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Aftercare Instructions

Facial Wash

  • For the first 2 hours after application, do not get your eyelash extensions wet. Do not use spa, sauna, or pool. Adhesive needs to cure and bond with your natural eyelash.

  • ​Wash your lashes daily with oil-free facial cleanser, eyelash cleanser or soap. Oil breaks down the adhesive. After showering, blot your lashes with a paper towel or let them air dry. Brush your eyelashes when they are dry using a mascara brush if necessary.

  • No oil-based products such as makeup remover, mascaras, makeup products, lotions etc. on your extensions. If a mascara is to be used, please make sure it is oil-free. Oil breaks down the adhesive. The label of your products must say OIL FREE.

  • Avoid pulling your lashes or rubbing your eyes. Do not use a manual eyelash curler.​

  • ​Wear a headband when exercising, sweating.

  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures such as hot hair styling tools, ovens, etc. Extensions may melt.


      We recommend fill / touch-up appointments every 2-3 weeks

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